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InfiniFitness ProElite IF-PRO1 MMA 4 oz Gloves ( PAIR )


Our best MMA gloves IF-PRO1 made with 100% premium cowhide leather makes PRO1 our most High quality MMA gloves. Ideal for competition and sparring.
100% premium leather exterior, pre-curved design, well ventilated , antibacterial fabric and a great closure system
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Unleash your potential with ProElite IF-PRO1, crafted from 100% premium cowhide leather, making them the epitome of high-quality MMA gloves. Perfect for both competition and sparring, these gloves boast a double adjustment feature for a secure fit, ensuring optimal performance. The pre-curved design and ergonomic construction provide comfort and flexibility during intense training sessions. Experience innovation with our well-ventilated, antibacterial fabric, and a superior closure system. Elevate your MMA game with ProElite IF-PRO1 – where quality meets performance.
  • Material: 100% premium cowhide leather
  • Ideal Use: Suitable for both competition and sparring
  • Adjustment: Double adjustment feature for a secure and customized fit
  • Quality: High-quality construction for durability and performance
  • Ergonomics: Ergonomic design for comfort and flexibility during training
  • Innovation: Features an innovative design to enhance overall performance
  • Pre-Curved Design: Pre-curved design for a natural and comfortable fist closure
  • Ventilation: Well-ventilated to keep hands cool during intense workouts
  • Antibacterial Fabric: Includes antibacterial fabric for hygiene and freshness
  • Closure System: Great closure system for added stability and support
100% premium leather exterior, pre-curved design, well ventilated , antibacterial fabric and a great closure system

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