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Flat Workout Bench, Black



Elevate your workouts with our High Capacity Flat Workout Bench, built to withstand an impressive 1000lbs of weight. Crafted from top-notch materials with a robust steel frame, this bench is designed for professional-level durability and performance.

️‍♂️ Product Highlights:

  • High Weight Capacity: With an 11-gauge steel frame, this bench supports up to 1000lbs, perfect for heavy-duty lifting.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered with a strong steel frame, this bench is crafted to endure professional-level workouts, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Tripod Design: The unique tripod design enhances stability and allows users to place their feet securely during training for optimal form and support.
  • Easy Assembly: Simple to assemble for quick integration into your fitness routine.
  • Steel Handle for Moving: Convenient steel handle for easy transport and placement.

Product Specifications:

  • Bench Weight: 60lbs
  • Bench Height: 16.9″
  • Bench Width: 21″
  • Bench Length: 50.5″
  • Pad Width: 12″
  • Wide Pad Width: 13.75″
  • Pad Length: 48″
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs

Product Features:

  • Tripod Design: Ensures stability and proper foot placement during workouts.
  • Steel Handle: Facilitates easy moving and positioning.
  • Heavy Duty: Constructed with durability in mind, suitable for professional training.
  • Thick Pad: High-density back pad covered with leather for maximum comfort.

Experience the strength and reliability of our High Capacity Flat Workout Bench. With easy assembly and a weight of 60lbs, it’s the perfect addition to your home gym. Achieve your fitness goals efficiently and comfortably. #WorkoutBench #FitnessGear #HeavyDuty #StrengthTraining


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